Student Works and Reviews

During my recent trip to Coll I had the great pleasure and privilege to spend time doing a photography workshop with Mathieu. It was wonderful!

I am a novice photographer, Mathieu patiently took me through the basics of my camera and it’s functions. We then headed out to the beaches of Coll and he helped me plan and create beautiful photos. He has such an eye and enthusiasm that he helped me to view things in a whole new way. Once we had the raw photos we went back to base and he taught me how to edit them to produce the final images. It is such a work of art and creativity, really opened my eyes to that whole side of what is possible on the home computer.

I was very pleased with the photos we created, especially one of a couple of sheep - who knew sheep and grass and skyline could look so beautiful!

I cannot recommend the workshop highly enough. Coll is beautiful, and what better way to really appreciate it and capture it than to let yourself escape for a few hours and learn a new/developing skill.

Mathieu was the perfect teacher.
— Liz Cowan

Fantastic afternoon with Mathieu. Thanks.
— Chris and Holly


Jocelyn Dick

Explored scenic locations on Coll to appreciate various landscape photography techniques, tailored to your own needs and interests. Great for a novice photographer. Lots of practical hints and tips and signposting to relevant resources. Mathieu also liaised with my accommodation and provided a lift to the ferry which was much appreciated!

Amazing photography session with Mathieu Willcocks, learnt so much and hopefully it shows!
— Emma Adair

Spent a very educational afternoon updating my photography skills with Mathieu, from basic equipment, techniques and post-production to composition and a field trip out to three or four different locations to put these newfound skills to use. There is lots of natural beauty everywhere, so it’s the perfect place to start taking better shots.
— Colin West

Phil Hope
A masterclass with Mathieu Willcocks was the highlight of my stay on Coll. I learned how to take some great landscape shots and how to make them look even better using Lightroom.
— Phil Hope


Grace and Nial