Workshops and Tours


If you are coming to visit Coll, why not discover the island through photography?

Its beautiful beaches, wild landscapes, diverse wildlife and clear night skies are all there for you to explore and photograph in all their wonder.

For those who want to improve their photography on a bespoke course comprising location shoots mixed with tutorials, demonstrations, tuition and briefings both in and out of the field, these are the courses for you. When the light is at its best we’ll be out on a beach or hillside, working the location, roaming the island to put you in situations with strong photographic potential. Whilst waiting for the light we’ll have in the field tutorials on a wide range of subjects; exposure, filters, focusing, camera craft etc. We’ll have demonstrations of techniques and plenty of opportunity for one to one tuition both beside the tripod and over a coffee or a wee dram later on. Back at base we’ll take the opportunity to recap with examples and themes discussed in the field. We’ll be showing our pictures, discussing and editing them. We'll cover the dark arts of post-production, with tutorials on RAW processing, Photoshop techniques and best practices for printing or publishing. Ultimately the content of each course is entirely flexible and adaptive to the needs of our guests.


No matter your level in photography, I will tailor the workshop to your needs and skill levels.



Landscape photography is the staple of all our courses, but that’s not to say other subjects aren’t tackled. There's plenty of exciting wildlife in the Spring and Summer, and we’ll also talk about Portraiture, Travel and Reportage photography.

Non-shooting partners are welcome to join and discover the island alongside us.




Bring whatever you use. The workshop is all about making the most of the tools available, most importantly our eyes. I would however recommend a DSLR with tripod and a couple of lenses ranging from wide angle to telephoto as a minimum requirement to get the most from the course. And if you’ve got the kit, bring it. We’ll help you to get the most from it.

Some of my own spare kit can be lent out if necessary.

Skill Levels

The art of photography is all about being in the right place at the right time, and then making the right decisions both aesthetically and practically to make the best of the situation. That in essence is the core skill we work to develop on all our courses; skills which are relevant to all levels from beginner to semi-professional. Developing a feel for light, composition and previsualisation comes with experience, but we can certainly plant the seeds which will enable you to evolve their own photography with practice. And along the way we’ll have a lot of fun and produce some great pictures. If you’re just starting on the road to photographic obsession all we ask is that you are familiar with your own camera, the rest we can help you with. If you are a veteran of many dawn patrols you’ll appreciate the locations, opportunities and collective enthusiasm. You never stop learning in this game, so I’m confident I can help you to continue improving your photography and give you a healthy boost of creative adrenaline.


Fitness & Mobility

There’s no getting away from it, landscape photography means hills and lots of walking. We'll get as close as possible to our locations with whatever mode of transport you chose (we can walk, bike, drive or even kayak), but sooner or later a photographer has to shrug on the backpack, shoulder the tripod and trudge up a hill. No need for commando fitness levels but our guests should be aware that we will need at times to walk over rough hilly - and often boggy -  terrain with our gear.

Coll has a varied array of wildlife for you to discover:

Prices and bookings:

To book a workshop please contact me at, letting me know how many people would like to take part, what you would prefer to focus on, what equipment you'll have and any mode of transport you'll have on the island. Please make sure to contact me as early as possible to ensure availability.

One day Workshop and Tour of Coll: £125 per person.

Includes a full day's tour (6-7 hours) of the Island, visit of Coll's best spots and full photographic teaching experience, including a full post-production/Photoshop tutorial.

Half day Workshop and Tour of Coll: £80 per person.

Similar to the full day workshop but concentrated over 3-4 hours. We'll visit fewer locations but still include a full post-processing/photoshop tutorial.

Discounts are available for groups